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Room Definitions in New York City Apartments

The language used by some real estate brokers to describe apartments in and around New York City is arcane and often fuzzy. Legal definitions and requirements that govern the various types of rooms in New York City’s apartments by Real Estate Board of New York . A junior one is almost always an L-shaped studio that can be partitioned off so that part of it becomes a small bedroom. A junior four can be a one-bedroom unit with an L-shaped living room or a small den or alcove. People can be confused by the difference between a ''loft apartment'' and a ''loft area'' within an apartment. The former, is usually considered to be a large, open space in a current or former commercial or industrial building that has been converted to residential use. The latter, however, is something that might be found in even...
Posted to on Sunday, April 05, 2015 at 9:26:43 AM

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