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Award-Winning Manhattan Real Estate Agent

What Makes A Good Real Estate Broker

When I began my real estate career ten ago, my only goal was to use my earned commissions to donate to the charity I founded. Disasters and hard economic times forced me to become creative to keep the charity running when donations slowed down.

After a year in real estate I joined Halstead Property one of the top private real estate firms in Manhattan.

I knew Halstead had a great reputation, but had no idea that I would be learning from the best in the industry.

Meeting Diane Ramirez, Chief Executive Officer of Halstead Property and Clark Halstead Chairman Emeritus & Founder was most impressive. I had no idea that they were both hands on and available to every agent and broker.

Diane Ramirez is well-known for her passion and devotion to the residential real estate industry. She is a 35-year veteran in the industry who together with Clark Halstead founded Halstead Property in 1984. Their vision for the company was a high-end firm that utilized advanced technology combined with old fashioned elegance that covered all segments of the market and was located in the communities that they serviced. Due to their vision, Halstead Property became the first big firm to utilize storefront offices in Manhattan as well as the first to be on the West Side and in Downtown.

Under her leadership, Mrs. Ramirez has strategically grown the firm from its original goal of three storefront offices in some of the most important communities in Manhattan to its current size of more than 2 dozen offices with 1,000 agents throughout the tri-state area.

And Clark Halstead, a co-founder of the residential division of The Real Estate Board of New York, Inc., has been one of the most visible and outspoken forces for innovation and change within the industry. He is an acknowledged expert on virtually all matters relating of home ownership.

Listening to Diane Ramirez say BREATHE during tough economic times … hearing Clark Halstead say he would go on a listing appointment with brokers if they needed help … having a supportive manager who is there for me and will offer his help with whatever I needed … and learning from him and all of the managers at Halstead the things that good brokers do to succeed… I was no longer in real estate just for the commissions … I became passionate about helping others – passionate about the industry …passionate about selling Manhattan real estate.

I am in real estate because the leadership at Halstead makes me want to succeed. It makes me want to be a better broker. It helped me discover my passion for wanting to help buyers find their dream home and helping sellers get the most return on their investment. Being a Halstead broker has made me want to help my clients even after the deal is closed. Going the extra mile for my sellers and buyers – letting them know I care and letting them know that I am there to help them before – during – and after the sale!

I am extremely fortunate in that I have two passions … working in real estate at Halstead and helping people, and running the most influential ant-bullying charity in the country.


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